Networking/Wireless Solutions

Offering wireless solutions for Enterprise, Business, Small Office, and Home Networking. If you have a need to provide vast coverage to a large area or just need internet access in a detached building, we have a solution for you. New construction or existing structure? We can provide an enterprise grade solution more reliably and typically more affordabe than the consumer grade solution. If you have line of sight, we can easily provide a solution that will work 10 miles away. If you have ten, twenty, three hundred or a thousand wireless devices that need access, we have a solution. Comprehensive coverage maps and management are part of the build-out.

The Internet of Things and Home Automation are becoming an evergrowing industry, our solutions can offer longevity and stability to your network giving you the assurance of needing things to work when you need them to. Don't trust your Internet service providor to offer you reliable devices. Why pay $120/year to lease their JUNK equipment when you can have a soution you can rely on.

Every minute an employee waits for an application to load, it costs you money!

Every time you can't get your front door to unlock or your lights to turn on, it costs you aggravation and defets the purpose of home automation.

When you just want things to work, call us.

We offer the solution at cost, you just pay us for our time. 


Home Automation / Internet of Things (IoT)

If you're building a new home or office, now's the time in put in a lasting solution that can grow with your demands. We can also upgrade existing infrastructure for better coverage and reliability.

Are you interested in always knowing what's happening in your home or business? Do you think it would be nice to save energy by turning off lights, and HVAC when you leave and turn them on just before you get home? Do you think you forgot to lock the door? Do you want special access codes for contractors to access your property? All of this is part of the Home Automation/Internet of Things. Having a secure network is step one, having a reliable and well tuned configuration is step two. Both are things we can provide to your business or residence. 


Surveillance/Security Camera Solutions

If you need a high-definition, reliable, scalable solution, and the ability to remotely view footage from your smartphone or office computer, we have your solution. Advanced, enterprise grade networking and camera gear that you can count on to work all the time, every time; and without monthly subscription fees.  

Both home and small office grade and enterprise grade solutions are more affordable than what you may think.  These devices are great for both indoor and outdoor applications and provide you piece of mind and evidence that you can't do without.

Don't trust your business with cheap solutions from some guy named Wally. Depend on products designed to secure schools, hospitals and businesses, not kits from amazon.