I'm an Educational Technology Specialist at Union School District in Rimersburg, Pennsylvania. My primary function is to provide a direction for the use of technology in the classrooms.

Providing our students with tools to become 21st century learners needs to be at the forefront of everything we do in education. Supporting our teachers with the tools and understanding to successfully integrate a 21st century learning environment is where it all starts. Working closely with the education department, I offer technical insight and resources for effective online learning as well as integration. I use the "velvet hammer" approach, thoroughly demonstrating the benefits of a new technology to provide educators motivation to buy into the newest technology. In order to job ready students for todays careers, they need to be exposed to STEM based resources such as; Drones, 3D printers, virtural reality, CNC routers, laser cutters, CAD platforms, graphical design, and other cutting edge tools.

With additional services ranging from data center implementation to end-user support, I take a great deal of pride in offering people solutions or skills which enable them to become more effective at their job.

In addition to my work life, I deeply enjoy wood working and web design. I have worked with a variety of businesses to establish for them a web presence, improving their image, marketing their assets, and telling thier story. I encourage you to visit the "Woodworking" section of my site to see a few of the other interests I have.


  • Played a big part in developing and deploying STEM based initiatives such as a Fabrication Lab and a multi-media program for students to be hands-on learners. 
  • Organized and rebuilt network infrastructure for a faster, more secure, reliable and scalable network.
  • Improved productivity by training staff and implementing new ideas.
  • Introduced server virtualization and in-house solutions resulting in substantial savings.
  • Trained over 120 neighboring districts' teachers on how to use educational based technology for the RIU6 based initiative called eAcademy.

Areas Of Expertise

  • VMWare Server Virtualization
  • Storage Area Network
  • Linux Based VPN/Firewall Solution
  • Linux Based Web Servers
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Database Design/Management
  • Systems Analyst
  • BYOD Infrastructure
  • Cloud Based Environments
  • Education Based Technologies
  • E-Rate/USAC Program
  • STEM Fabrication Technology

Professional Development

  • Educational Leadership Conference @ CUP - 2018
  • Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo & Conference (Pete&C ) - 2018
  • Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo & Conference (Pete&C ) - 2016
  • Educational Leadership Conference @ CUP - 2016
  • Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo & Conference (Pete&C ) - 2014
  • SAS Institute - 2013
  • Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo & Conference (Pete&C ) - 2011
  • eAcademy Instructor Course @ IU7 - 2011
  • VMware Securities @ Pittsburgh - 2010
  • TEDx @ PSU - 2010
  • Educational Leadership Conference @ CUP - 2010
  • Moodle 1.9.3 @ IU11- 2010
  • Microsoft Server 2008 @ IU6 (Learning Tree) - 2009
  • CMP @ San Diego - 2008
  • CMP @ San Francisco - 2007
  • eBay Live @ Las Vegas - 2006

Professional Experience

Educational Technology Specialist


2013–Present                      Union School District                                            Rimersburg, PA 

  • Manage all aspects of district networks including specialized applications
  • Budget, plan, install, document, and coordinate all aspects of technology used in the district
  • Support staff with the tools and knowledge to enable the 21st century learner
  • Train educators on the use of technology in their classrooms
  • Analyze and coordinate with the Administration to accomplish technology related goals
  • Professional Development



Information Technology Specialist


2008–2013                      Riverview Intermediate Unit #6                                            Clarion, PA

  • Fulfill RIU6 contract obligations to districts within the RIU6 region
  • Analyze and coordinate with District Administrations to accomplish technology related goals
  • Manage and develop Network Architecture, Data Centers, Virtual Servers and Desktops
  • Support and instruct district staff in all technology related matters
  • Manage all aspects of district networks including specialized applications
  • Coordinate and manage an online learning environment encompassing 7 districts
  • Train educators on the use of technology in their classrooms and online



Information Systems Specialist/Technology Coordinator


2006–2008                           Jefferson-Clarion Head Start, Inc.                                    Brookville, PA

  • In charge of all technology related purchasing and decision making
  • Responsible for all computer software programming and hardware related issues, including connectivity, network printing and server related matters
  • Responsible for staff computer training for improved efficiency
  • Manage user/administrative rights, network storage and server backups
  • Member of the JCHS Staff Training and Development Committee
  • Developed an interactive and content-rich website for parents, teachers and community



Computer/Network Technician


2001–2003                           Rice Information Services                                                      Clarion, PA

  • College intern position led to full time employment
  • Built, repaired, and upgraded computer systems for home and business users
  • Conducted software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Performed system security and malicious software / virus removal


2000–2002                           Butler County Community College                                         Butler, PA

  • Associate in Applied Science Degree - Special Emphasis on Computer Networking/PC Specialist

Additional Info

What everyone thinks I do...
  • Fix broken computers
  • Surf the Internet to find sites to block
  • Spy on their Internet activity
  • Run wires and play with laptops


What I think I do...
  • Build technology infrastructure that allows users positive and efficient experiences
  • Instill technology confidence in users
  • Manage network policy to align to standards/requirements
  • And yes, occasionaly fix broken computers


Technology Advisor
  • Major Development Company
  • Accounting Firm
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Technology Retailer
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Non-profit Aviation Facility  


Piney Lake Advisory Committee
  • Provide a forum for the expression of concerns regarding recreational use of the lake
  • Provide comment on existing and proposed rules, policies and procedures impacting the recreational use of the lake
  • Make recommendations to the owner and operator with respect to improving public safety and the overall enjoyment of the recreational experience at the lake


100% Pure Maple Syrup Farmer

A father, son, and friend experiment that turned into a great entrepreneurial pastime.