Professional Experience

Educational Technology Specialist


2013–Present                      Union School District                                            Rimersburg, PA 

  • Manage all aspects of district networks including specialized applications
  • Budget, plan, install, document, and coordinate all aspects of technology used in the district
  • Support staff with the tools and knowledge to enable the 21st century learner
  • Train educators on the use of technology in their classrooms
  • Analyze and coordinate with the Administration to accomplish technology related goals
  • Professional Development



Information Technology Specialist


2008–2013                      Riverview Intermediate Unit #6                                            Clarion, PA

  • Fulfill RIU6 contract obligations to districts within the RIU6 region
  • Analyze and coordinate with District Administrations to accomplish technology related goals
  • Manage and develop Network Architecture, Data Centers, Virtual Servers and Desktops
  • Support and instruct district staff in all technology related matters
  • Manage all aspects of district networks including specialized applications
  • Coordinate and manage an online learning environment encompassing 7 districts
  • Train educators on the use of technology in their classrooms and online



Information Systems Specialist/Technology Coordinator


2006–2008                           Jefferson-Clarion Head Start, Inc.                                    Brookville, PA

  • In charge of all technology related purchasing and decision making
  • Responsible for all computer software programming and hardware related issues, including connectivity, network printing and server related matters
  • Responsible for staff computer training for improved efficiency
  • Manage user/administrative rights, network storage and server backups
  • Member of the JCHS Staff Training and Development Committee
  • Developed an interactive and content-rich website for parents, teachers and community



Computer/Network Technician


2001–2003                           Rice Information Services                                                      Clarion, PA

  • College intern position led to full time employment
  • Built, repaired, and upgraded computer systems for home and business users
  • Conducted software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Performed system security and malicious software / virus removal

Additional Info

What everyone thinks I do...
  • Fix broken computers
  • Surf the Internet to find sites to block
  • Spy on their Internet activity
  • Run wires and play with laptops


What I think I do...
  • Build technology infrastructure that allows users positive and efficient experiences
  • Instill technology confidence in users
  • Manage network policy to align to standards/requirements
  • And yes, occasionaly fix broken computers


Technology Advisor
  • Major Development Company
  • Accounting Firm
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Technology Retailer
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Non-profit Aviation Facility  


Piney Lake Advisory Committee
  • Provide a forum for the expression of concerns regarding recreational use of the lake
  • Provide comment on existing and proposed rules, policies and procedures impacting the recreational use of the lake
  • Make recommendations to the owner and operator with respect to improving public safety and the overall enjoyment of the recreational experience at the lake


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