Custom Laser Engraved Ash Gun Box

This was a Christmas gift to my father. I really like the gain pattern on this. I used a laser engraver to etch his initials into the underside of the lid. I build it to fit a full size Beretta PX4 storm. I mounted Go-Magnets in the bottom to help hold the firearm for moving around. These are crazy strong magnets, I definitely recommend them for concealed mount points.



Cherry Barn Door


It was difficult making a final decision on what the door should look like. After several sketchup, I settled on this. I had the panels smooth and we decided the v-grove would look better. I kinda regret not having lined the top panel up to match the bottom but I had already cut them separately due to a defect in the bottom half panel. I finished it with two coats of danish oil. Even though I let it cure several days in the shop, It had little oil beads raise to the top in the sun when I brought it up to the new house. no big deal, it wiped right off. 

After having hung for a winter, I think it's time for another light application to make it pop a little more. 


Cherry Saw Horses

These are the Cherry Saw Horses I built. Everything is mortise and tenon joints (no screws or nails) with Titebond II wood glue. I finished them with danish oil to help water proof them a little. Unfortunately, I also used them for many of the HVLP paint projects so they don't look nearly as nice as they do in these photos.

I have had over 4500lbs on these without any fear of failure.



Door Painting

Nothing too exciting here but it tooks some time to setup and HVLP spray... I figured it wouldn't hurt to post. In the painting process, I found a flawed door. That added to the time. UGH