Ash Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The due to the plight of ash trees in our area, I was able to get this wood for a very reasonable price. After having the rough-cut kiln dried, I started the process of S4S (smooth 4 sides) the lumber. I had to primer the panel without the rails and stiles on so that is there was any movement (which there typically isn't with ash) it didn't leave any little unpainted areas. after getting a good coat of primer on the raised panels, I assembled all the rails and stiles. After another coat of primer, mostly to cover the rails and stiles, I put 3 coats of General Finish Antique White Milk paint on. Then it was 4 coats of the General Finish's Performance top coat. I never sprayed paint before, actually, I never build cabinets before, but I was also new to HVLP spraying. Let me tell you general finish sprays NICE! I really love it.