White Oak Wood Floors

We fell the trees off the west side of the property in August. Four decent sized trees provided a about 2500 board feet of lumber. Knowing I had to cover about 1300 square feet of floor space, I thought about double would be enough. After kiln drying and milling, It produced about 1100 square feet of floor. Thankfully, I was able to buy 250 square feet to finish the master bedroom. Because my shaper profile had bevels in the design, I had to take all the factory flooring and make it match with the table saw. This was a process! My builder was extreamly helpful in spending an hour of assembly line style work cutting and stacking the boards. This made things go MUCH faster. Aside from having my dad and a friend help me shape and stack some of the floors, this was the first that I had help in the shop. I'll just say I can't wait until Cadence and Beckett get old enough for me to put them to work!